North Shore Beach Hike

We went to the North Shore a couple weekends ago.  We had a picnic on the beach, took a nice swim in a natural pool, and hiked along the shoreline.  We found a beach with so many sea turtles (no good pics of them though!).  After hiking on the beach we went to some scenic points.  Here are the pics:
 Wearing our STUNglasses.
 We found a wild dragonfruit growing near the beach.  It is one of our favorite, because we used to get dragonfruit (also known as pitaya) fruit bowls in San Diego.  They are sold at grocery stores, but are really expensive!  About $8 each, although much bigger than the one above.
 Black sand mixed with brown.
 A hidden spot we found overlooking Oahu’s North Shore.
 This is a different scenic viewpoint, overlooking Waimea Bay, which has huge surf in the winter.

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