Thailand: Fun Times With Leeches in Khao Sok National Park

To go more than a few kilometres/miles in Khao Sok National Park requires a guide. Park rules. I am not, however, against the rule considering the lack of real trails. It was rainy season and we were getting poured on, and the leeches were loving us. Fun fact, leeches have a coagulant that can make you bleed nonstop for hours! Most of the places we were bitten this didn’t happen, but I had one and it the craziest thing.

Leeches hang out on plants and attach to people, and will die in water. They are difficult to remove. Our machete-wielding guide had us use tobacco juice as a repellent and carved us little leech-scraping tools. It was crazy the places leeches would end up! I would remove my shoes and they’d be all between my toes.

It was a fascinating/frustrating experience, but I would honestly recommend hiking when the leeches aren’t around so much. They are more common during rainy season. We also didn’t make it to our waterfall destination due to the heavy rain and the plausibility of flash flooding, but we did get a ride in the back of our guide’s truck to another.



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