USA, Wyoming: Cascade Canyon in Shoulder Season

We took this road trip in October from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole.

Our plan here was to backpack into Cascade Canyon in Teton National Park, but quick weather changes and a snowstorm altered our plans, but we still ended up doing a decent hike part-way up into Cascade.

Here’s more our trip:

We camped near Malad, Idaho, and I went on a short morning walk.



We found out through the Visitor’s Center in Jackson that camping is “closed,” but still accessible if you hike past the closed gates in the off-season. So we had a pretty sweet lake-view campground all to ourselves. Kelsey made a fire, cooked steak and asparagus, and we had a great dinner with local beer.



We woke up early…err, I woke up early and to go shake Jessie and Kelsey’s tent to go watch the sunrise in Grand Teton National Park. It was incredible, and we saw a morning moose!



Our original plan was to go backpacking or at least hiking up Cascade Canyon, but it ended up snowing A LOT and we still went, but not as far as originally planned. It was beautiful in the snowy scenes, however. Instead of camping we switched to staying in the hostel, aptly named “The Hostel.” We were able to do both a short hike to Taggart Lake before the snow, and a few miles of Cascade Canyon after the snow.



It was nice contrast to see Taggart Lake before the snow; I had only been there in winter when it was covered in ice and snow.



We drove around the national park and spent some time at Jenny Lake and Jackson Lake.



We gave some strangers a ride to their car, and found out two were from Park City.


We also spent a night getting dessert, and then going dancing at a local bar called The Rose that hosted a fun DJ that night with pretty much the whole town of Jackson (sparse local crowd in the off-season). We ended up making friends with a bartender from the first restaurant, who hung out with us and introduced us to people. He even gave us free drinks! Every time I’m in Jackson I end up meeting the most fun and friendly people.


On the way back we stopped at the divey-est dive bar ever in Lava Hot springs. The server dropped her cigarette butt in my water. Gross! But hey, Christmas lights are always a win.



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